“I would highly recommend Intevativ as professional recruiters; Their pleasant manner, attention to detail, contacts, and accuracy ensure that they hit the target for both employers and candidates. Intevativ goes the extra mile to ensure successful matches.”

                    - Account Executive, Technology VAR

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Searching for an opportunity or simply looking to see what’s available in the market, Intevativ can help. It’s astonishing how most professionals don’t know what they are worth in the market! Simply put, they don’t know what other companies are willing to pay for someone with their skill set and background. Intevativ goes through a thorough screening process when we decide to partner with companies. Rest assured that our opportunities are with companies with reputation, a competitive compensation package, and career growth. 

With that said, we know that no two candidates are alike. Therefore, at Intevativ, we take the time to get to know your wants and needs in your next career move to get you the right opportunity!
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