Derived from the words “Integrate” and “Innovative”, our name accurately represents the true nature of our organization. With the world constantly changing, so does the world of business. This is not news to anyone. Companies of all sizes are constantly implementing new strategies and ideas to stay competitive in the marketplace. 

New strategies and ideas are great, but to carry out and deliver, you need the right talent! That is where Intevativ comes in. Intevativ has taken the concept of staffing and recruiting to the next level by truly integrating with your business and utilizing proven innovative methods to ensure growth and execution.
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At Intevativ, we’re big on information. Having the right information, and understanding that information, leads to the right solutions. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the industry trends, but more importantly, we know the pain points and struggles companies go through because all of our Account Representatives have been in your shoes. All of our respected divisions at Intevativ are comprised of professionals that have worked in that industry and understand what it takes to be successful in a specific field. 

Having applicable industry experience, each of our respected divisions brings years of personal relationships of like-minded professionals. This means, we personally know many of the professionals’ qualifications and track records to pinpoint the right talent to positively impact your organizational needs.
Why Intevativ?
Recent Positions Filled
        Senior Trading Analyst
        Financial Analyst
        Audit Director
        Financial Advisor
        Planning & Analysis Mgr
Recent Positions Filled
            Marketing Director
            Creative Director
            Graphic Designer
            Project Manager
            Production Designer
            Advertising Sales
Recent Positions Filled
            Director of Sales
            Technology Sales 
            Cloud Architect
            Pre-Sales Engineer
            Solutions Architect
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We don’t claim to be the best at everything...just the best in what we do!